This is going to be kind of long and complicated. But this is what the universe via the full moon, equinox, and light-worker community, have brought to light for myself.

I have already decided upon my 2019 intention, because I know that like my intention for 2018 to be light and love, this is one that will need to be explored, tested and perfected over time.

Personally this for me this idea of WORTH, is twofold, both personally and in business. This does tie into the video I did on my shadow work in regards value of self, although slightly different in nature.

Personally it means knowing my boundaries setting and maintaining them with those in and out of my life, which I know will be challenged. I know I often give the benefit of the doubt too often and can have misguided faith-belief in others. I know I need to work on seeing MY WORTH, as an individual separate from any and everyone.

On the side of business it’s even more complicated and this is why I wanted to put this out into the universe, before the new year rolls around.

I’ve had much conflicting feelings about my services, when I will start to charge for services (trying to remain with legality in this regard) but once I do have my licensing what then? I’ve had some say, fill your soul not your pocket, which was actually in regards to a question I had about professionalism vs authentic self. But it got me thinking more about the dilemma at hand. Reality is we live in a world that runs on money, I have bills just the same as you, I had to pay for much of my training and resources, and I don’t get paid for research and development of skills, or anything related to my business.

On one hand yes, this is my soul work and purpose, I want to help to the best of my abilities; and on the other hand I do have a family I want to support, I want to have that financial freedom as much as you do, it’s a part of this material body and world, it just is a reality.

In reading Red Tent, it really touched me that people would pay out of their desire whether it was money or goods, etc. out of pure gratitude. I would never deny someone who needs help, that goes against everything I stand for both on a soul level and a conscious level. Plus, I don’t like the idea of profiting from pain, or denying help because someone can’t afford my fees. I’m reminded of the quote, “no one becomes poor by giving.”

There is also another quote that says, “Friends will ask for discount prices, a true friend will pay full price to support your time, work and dreams.” I’ve experienced this to be true both in this and my previous endeavors, and ties in with WORTH, on a personal level as you learn how people truly view you on all levels.

I also don’t like the idea of marketing or “selling” myself/ products/ service, which is why from the start I decided to only work by referral, and sharing my posts within like minded communities. In all of my training courses, they touch on marketing and charging your fees, talking about valuing yourself, your skills, your time from the get go, but I don’t know, it seems more complicated. I know that there are always people out there who are willing to pay the price, to get the help they seek, but what about those who want and need it and cant afford it, who helps them, they’re often the ones who need it most. Do you see where my heart gets torn for those souls?

Unfortunately there are also those who believe that people like me shouldn’t charge at all, and that’s honestly not fair. Just because something is spiritual in nature or that it’s your soul work or purpose doesn’t mean it’s not work, hard work, worth compensation.

I had someone reach out to me, I have no idea how they found me, in desperate want of help, for a life long disability. I had mentioned that I’m not charging my fees yet, but only a donation towards my time, if they were able is appreciated, as it goes towards paying for my licensing. They told me they have no income or way of repayment, and I told them not to worry about it. But it made me think more about how I would never deny someone in need of help who reaches out to me, but how do I even begin to ask for my fee when they do. It’s honestly so complicated for me, my soul has literally been torn, on this subject.

Like I said I know it’s going to be a long complicated journey. Anyway I just wanted to air that for you all; I’m about 100% transparency. Id never expect anyone to share with me, if I didn’t share myself as well. I have my shadows, I’m not without fears or faults, but I’ve learned that they can help both myself and others when they are brought to light.

I have added a disclaimer on every page of my website stating “Also open to trades, barters, and other payment forms.” I feel that for now, maybe for the entirety of my life… who knows; that this will help bridge the gap between this conflict of soul and the material world.

So like always, just know my metaphorical [metaphysical😉] door is open to you, no matter your need or circumstance. If your soul feels the urge to pay the fee, barter, trade, donate, write a superb testimonial or what have you, all I ask is you do what your able, with the knowledge in mind, that I, like you am doing what I can to survive in this world,mentally, emotionally and physically.





At first glance this may seem like a very simple crystal lay; it is and it isn’t. This lay is called the Mind+Body balancer. It’s good for providing everyday balance and restores a natural flow of energy. The Smokey Quartz is first placed below the feet and acts as a grounding stone. The Clear Quartz point is placed above the crown and the Rose Quartz is placed at the heart (central) chakra [energy center]. Simple in its form but it works on a much deeper level.

img_2848✚SMOKEY QUARTZ – has a high vibrational frequency and is able to contain a high amount of light because of its black qualities, which is also associated with the first chakra (root-key of C) when this stone is filled with like it radiates and balances with the rest of the upper chakras and it channels light to the crown chakra. This stone is great for those with depression, fatigue, spaced out or who feel they aren’t living up to their ideals/purpose.


✚CLEAR QUARTZ – is known as the master healer it’s vibrational frequency is higher/faster than that of the earth. It activates and energies all the energy centers [chakras] amplifying the energy of any other crystal, gem or mineral that interacts with its field. It promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. It’s also used to help stimulate the immune system and released blocked emotions which are stored in the body as stress. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energies and is a great multi-purpose crystal to have on hand. (Key of A)


✚Rose Quartz vibrates at the same frequency as the central heart chakra (key of F) which is associated with emotion, love compassion, relationships. It is located in the thymus and is associated with the immune system. Rose Quartz is great for raising self esteem, restoring confidence, balancing the emotions. It is also useful for healing from anger, pain, fears, resentment, stress and anger bringing about peace and calmness.


On the surface many things look basic but past and even within their physical state they have much deeper attributes. Even if you don’t have crystals at your disposal wearing the colors of the light spectrum associated with the energy centers and listening to music in the same vibrational frequency will aid in the same healing; crystals simply help amplify, hold and direct energies in a more precise and direct manner.

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Namasté •

Reassurance + Empowerment

There is something amazing and feel good when you get affirmation that you’re on the right path, what amplifies that is when you get that affirmation from God directly.

img_2375This was never something I thought possible as I was raised to believe that only a select few could literally interact with God but in freeing my mind from man’s illusions of spirituality, I found that God does indeed talk and interact with us constantly if you allow yourself to be aware of even the smallest shifts of energy, sound, smell etc. God truly is everywhere. With all that I’ve been doing lately I’m kind of in this gap between what I knew about spirituality and everything related including my relationship to and with God, and because it hasn’t been the same methods it felt almost like a disconnect from God. Because again, the way I was raised as well as my own notions regarding Christianity/ Spirituality was that in order to communicate or interact with God is has to be through prayer. But the more I grow in all facets I now know that there are other ways by which we are able to interact with God all just as ‘spiritual’ as prayer.

But I digress because I wanted to share a specific experience.

So in feeling what I thought was a level of disconnect or selfishness God gave me reassurance that I was unconsciously seeking. I was finishing up my day doing my nightly routines and heading to my bedroom to do some notes/journaling in bed, nothing, in particular, was on my mind, I was present in the moment and in a relaxed state. As I opened my bedroom door to go sit on my bed I had a strong whiff of fresh peaches and a feeling of warm white light pass through me.


Pure white energy is directly associated with God/God consciousness; and as it turns out the aroma of peaches is said to be: “God Breathing forth the Mind of Christ. The Power of listening to and hearing, seeing, and doing the Mind of Christ. The colors associated represent many things including the Fire of the temple lampstand, which Lights up our Faith shield around us. This Shield is Jesus Mind Lighting our way. When the Lampstand of our mind is lit with the light of Christ’s thoughts, we can see Father’s Will. When we see with our hearts what Father God is doing, then we are EMPOWERED to do it as well.”

[if you wish to read the full quoted article click here ]

God truly is infinite power and wisdom and really does reveal himself in beautiful ways. Having reassurance from the highest being and energy source is beyond words and beyond anything else that could ever be said against you. Knowing that I’m continually progressing down the right path of both my calling and his brings immeasurable joy, that lights up the body mind and soul. I can feel that both my reflection of his light and that of my own, has grown stronger within the past few months. I’ve felt and experienced things I didn’t believe were possible at one point in my life, and that is a blessing in itself.

I hope and pray that you all are able to find your own soul path and pursue it, in whatever role God has you playing in his grand master plan, and receive the same reassurance from him.

Namasté all you beautiful souls ♥️✨

May his infinite wisdom and power continue to guide you

Eph 1:8-18 (eh the whole chapter is great)

With all wisdom and understanding, he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10 to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.11In him we were also chosen, having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12 in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. 13And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, 14 who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of his glory15For this reason, ever since I heard about your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love for all God’s people, 16I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. 17I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. 18I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in his holy people,


What+Why is Energy Healing

I’m going to tell you what energy healing is and what it means to me personally, for every energy worker this will vary based on their own knowledge and skill level as well as personal beliefs, this post contains basic information about energy-based healing since it seems to be an area of much confusion; and Why use an energy healer, when you’re able to do most therapies or variations on yourself?

Although you most definitely are able to use many of these holistic practices yourself, An energy healer has often both taken courses and done much in-depth study to understand the inter-workings of energy based healing. Both through training, and diligent personal energy work they have a heightened sense of the energy fields and are able to detect flow and blockages you may not be consciously aware of when using tools yourself. They have even done tests to measure a rooms electromagnetic energy before and during energy therapy, during treatment the energy where the practitioner sat was much higher than that of the client and surrounding area. All light/energy workers, almost daily work on their own personal light-energy and shadow selves (negative thoughts, emotions, and evaluation/clearing of old energy & beliefs etc.)


As an energy worker, I also may use various psychological tools much like how a psychologist uses ink blots to work my own subconscious to get a clearer understanding of the issue or source of blocked energy, pulling on both knowledge and experience stored deep within my brain/consciousness.

When having energy work done on yourself your body will only take what it needs from the earth/universal energy (depending on what treatment you’re having). A practitioner acts much like a radio or cell phone tower connecting and facilitating the flow of energy by various means. Your experience will also vary, you may only have physical, emotional or mental experiences when you’re energy is being cleared, if you’re open and receptive both consciously and subconsciously you may also have a spiritual experience based upon you’re own belief system.

No matter what you believe about the energies or their sources, they flow through us all; These energies have even been proven and tested by science, within recent years as we have been able to develop tools to both read, measure and capture the change of energy. So its not so much Psuedo-science anymore.

Chakra Energy Pathways

Your body is made up of 7 central energy centers which all spin, pulse and vibrate at different frequencies. These frequencies emit both sound and color. As humans, we are only able to see and hear a specific section of these electromagnetic waves of energy. Both our body, and the earth have these electromagnetic connections.

rainbowgridAn energy worker is able to use various tools, often crystals to connect and manipulate these frequencies in order to achieve the desired outcome, and unblock and rebalance the bodies natural flow of electromagnetic energy. Each crystal has its own measurable frequencies based on color, composition, and shape. Think of a radio, microwave, cellphone, and X-ray, these are all various electromagnetic based devices that also run on varying frequencies some have longer frequencies and some have shorter frequencies these determine how they work. Quartz for example actually has a higher-faster frequency than the earth itself making it neither a liquid or a solid, and is used in electronics to emit, control and receive signals. Folklore actually suggests that quartz may be petrified ice, it’s an interesting concept and gives thought as to why perhaps it may be neither liquid or solid. The use of crystals in this way is also comparable to drinking electrolyte water where you’re introducing micro-minerals into your body to help it perform more optimally, Each Crystal and Mineral has its own unique properties in aiding the body to function.


Our lives are full and complex its understandable that we may also want to shift our energies and focus throughout the day, week etc. You can use your chakra energy centers to shift your energy and focus, it’s also helpful to shift your energy after an extended time on one project or focus. Focusing your energy on one center for too long can cause an extreme drain. Think of your energy centers as glasses of water that you pour equal amounts of water in from a gallon jug.  At some point, you decide that one cup or focus needs more than another, so you use the other cups to fill that specific one, this is what happens when you shift the focus of energy or re-balance your chakras so they’re even. The more energy you put into one area of life, the less you’ll have for others.  I have always said, it’s not whether a cup is full or empty, it depends if you’re pouring in or out.

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Your Chakras contain universal energy that has always existed. This energy gets divided up in your body and is constantly growing, shrinking and moving whether you are consciously doing something to assist it or not. As the energy, inspiration and motivation shifts, so do your  focus’ in life, or as we like to refer to them in our household “Phases.”

An energy healer like myself will introduce light, sound, touch, etc, of specific frequencies into your electromagnetic field which is often referred to as ‘Aura’. This stimulates an individuals emotional, and biochemical state, and encourages balance, harmony (homeostasis) and good health, by allowing the body to work optimally and stimulate its natural healing.

Chinese-Meridian-ClockReflexology, for example, is the use of the body’s natural energy pathways called meridians. Reflexology is based upon reflexes in the foot that run along these energy pathways which correspond to various organs and body systems. The entire body is mirrored and mapped within the foot (and hands) and divided into zones. [The head, diaphragm, waist, and pelvic lines.] By working these zones and reflexes a reflexologist is able to detect blocked energy within these pathways and by means of varying pressure and techniques, release and clear these blockages within the energy pathways. The energy pathways and corresponding organs/body systems work on their own 2h clock cycle of work and rest.

meditate enlightenReiki is an energy-based practice where the practitioner will connect with the universal energy, this can be looked at as both earth energy as well as the pure energy of the cosmos, God consciousness or whatever your belief system. It makes no bearing in what specifically you believe personally to how it works, it’s about pure intent. Personally I like to describe it in terms of John 1:5 “God is light; in him there is no darkness at all” because in essence that’s what this type of energy is, it’s a divine pure creative energy source that flows both through the cosmos and ourselves. Every culture and belief system has a different name for it, the most commonly used being Ki/Chi. Again a practitioner has been trained and has a heightened sense and will use various techniques to draw on this energy source to awaken, boost, clear, and balance you’re bodies own energy centers (chakra) which allows your body to find harmony (homeostasis) and work to heal within itself.

Many often voice concerns or beliefs that these energy practices open you up to things like spirit possessions. This is a fallacy. The energies being worked with always have and will exist within and around us whether or not we ever have an energy-based treatment. A practitioner simply releases blockages to and from you’re own energy centers and your own body does the healing. A practitioner will create a protective kind of energy bubble or field which simply blocks out “negative” aka lower vibrational frequencies not “spirits”. A practitioner will also ground you during and after a session to close off your connection with the earth or universal energy fields, so the energy isn’t as externally free-flowing which can overwhelm the body. (If you wish to research these energy fields for yourself search “Ley lines” – this is also how whales, dolphins etc are able to navigate large oceans and return to the same nesting grounds)

There is honestly a lot more that could be said about this topic in general and all of its branches, but think of this as a foundation and over-time I’ll try to build upon it.

Be sure to check out additional information on our website or facebook page/group on individual therapies, or reach out to me if you have a specific question.

Much Love



Note: Namaste is a beautiful greeting/goodbye that simply means that I acknowledge that we are both equal, that the divine energy resides in me, as it resides in you. It is a sense of submitting oneself to another with humility. Na is negation or negative and Ma means mine, so together it means “not mine”. Namaste is a rejection of Ego. It is a mental, physical and verbal aspect, its transaction must be equal. It means that God/spirit within me greets/acknowledges the God/spirit within you. Many Christians will identify with this same idea found at 1 Corinthians 3:16 “…you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you…” Along with many other scriptures, such as Romans 8:10-20,2 Timothy 1:14, Ephesians 3:17 etc.