|What is Reflexology?|

Reflexology is a natural healing therapy via the feet or hands. It utilizes the body’s natural energy pathways (Meridians) to stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. Using massage-like pressure techniques reflexology promotes relaxation and healing.

Reflexology can be and is encouraged to be used alongside conventional medicine practices.

Reflexology is Natural, Effective and non-invasive.

|How does it work?|

Reflexology works on energy pathways helping to re-balance the body, helping it to return to a state of homeostasis. When energy is disrupted energy in the body, the body does not function the way it should.

The aim is to create a smooth and consistent flow of vibratory energy throughout the body. Energy travels up the spine and then through the organs, glands and cells. Treatments stimulate the body’s own natural healing energies, through direct stimulation of skin and reflexes directing in a positive effect on internal organs.

|In-Person Treatment|

Between 30-60 minutes, manly involving the soles of the feet (or hands) to apply pressure to zones that correspond to body organs/systems.  By applying pressure the aim is to promote health and well being, relieve pain, clear blocked energy (aka chakras) energy pathways and improve disorders.


Boosts immunity, promotes positive energy enabling nutrients and oxygen to reach all the cells of the body.  Regular treatment encourages and improves blood circulation, increases energy levels and improves harmony throughout the body.