Red Tent

Spiritual Midwife/Distant Doula


Series of mental-emotional and spiritual support during all phases of a womban’s reproductive cycle. Sending Reiki and Crystal healing energy to promote health, balance, peace of mind, harmony within the body and more. (See Reiki/Crystal page for more info) Supporting a woman to take control of their mind, body and spirit throughout their lives.

Singular Services

Reiki/ Crystals


Menses – 3 Session Ovulation/PMS/Menstruation
Infertility Treatment – 2 Sessions Full/New Moon
Conception Treatment/Blessing – 2 Sessions Ovulation/Procreation
Pregnancy – 3 sessions 1 for each trimester
Labour/Delivery Session and Single Postpartum Session 7 days post birth
Lactation Treatment – 4 Sessions – consecutive days
Menopause – 2 Sessions Full/New Moon



Pregnancy 13-40 weeks
Labor [with permission of OB/Midwife]
Postpartum – Newborns up to 2 years included with mother
General Womban Wellbeing [emphasis on reproductive reflexes]

Holistic Health Coaching
Natural Family Planning and Moon Cycle Tracking


Help and guidance for non-hormonal birth control, natural family planning methods and Menstruation Cycle Tracking, Nutrition, and goal manifestation.

Prenatal-Pregnancy-Postpartum Support Pkg


Provide Mental-Emotional Support, act as a confidant in all matters, holistic health and wellness coaching for pregnancy, and bi-weekly distance healing, birth preparation, and birth ‘blessing’ (Reiki at time of L&D). Creating a healthy environment for both womben, and baby to grow and be welcomed into this world knowing nothing but pure love.

Installment payments may be made
[avg $125/m for 12 months]


NOTE: Also Open to Trades, Barters and other Payment forms please contact me directly about these options, Limits apply.