Holistic Life Coaching

|What is Holistic Life Coaching?|

Many often feel they aren’t living up to their potential or living the life they imagined or even feel they aren’t doing what their ‘soul’ wants. They often feel that they are unhappy in their lives because they are living for other people. Holistic life coaching helps anyone who has these,  similar feelings of life unbalance or “something missing” and gives them tools and direction to identify and manifest what it is that would fill those voids and make them feel fulfilled in life.

Through a holistic approach a coach helps you learn to live in alignment with who YOU see yourself as, and the things YOU value. A holistic approach to life coaching consists of looking at health and wellness as a WHOLE, that incorporates all areas of life including, personal growth, relationships, career, finances, giving back, health, happiness, and more. Holistic based practice means taking into account a person’s entire being, their physical, mental, emotional, and ‘spiritual’ aspects of themselves. (If your not ‘spiritual’ or don’t understand what this means, this for you would be more about values and beliefs in general.) By doing this you will also be better equipped to take on and stick with any other health and wellness related endeavors, such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

Through holistic life coaching, the goal is to help you identify what is and isn’t working in your life and take steps to work towards manifesting your best life and live it!

|How does it work?|

The program generally consists of 24 sessions designed to help you identify what is and isn’t working in various areas of your life, and work to set new patterns based on who and what you believe/want for yourself.  Initially, two assessments will be offered to help you and myself, get a broad understanding of your struggles, stressors, balance etc. This includes a “Life Balance Assessment” which is 30 statements to determine if your current life is in alignment with what you truly want for yourself.

The initial EMPOWERMENT session may be all you need at this time to get you focused and motivated. The entire program of 24 sessions lasts 6 months and takes you through a series of self-identifying in-depth the various areas of your life and manifesting your ideal situations for them into reality by providing you with real-life tools to implement.


The benefits are honestly in-numerable and will be different for every person. You will live more for yourself, and less for others. You will be stronger, more confident in who you are as an individual. You will reduce stress, anxiety. You will live more intuitively and mindfully and less out of impulse. You will be better equipped to deal with life’s difficulties. Improved mental-emotional well-being. Better overall life balance and feel like you ARE living the life you imagine. You will be EMPOWERED to live your BEST life.

|In-Person Coaching|

Currently, I am not set up for in-person coaching but if you contact me we can discuss how we can work to fit your needs in this regard.

|Distance Coaching|

I am able to coach long distance via live chat, email, skype, facetime or facebook messenger.
Please contact me to discuss your needs in this regard.

|Booking & Cost|

Sessions can be booked one at a time, a month at a time or the entire program pre-booked. Please contact me to discuss what will be best for you.

Life-Balance Assessment & Consultation


Session -to- Session

Month -to- Month

6 Month Program

6 Month Online Membership Group Coaching

Re-booking Fee

Please note: 6-12 hours notice must be given to cancel or rebook to avoid fees, all payments must be made before the session, non-payment will result in a canceled session. If you miss a session you will not be refunded and rebooking fee will apply.

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Payment is due within 24h of booking unless
other arrangements have been made
Also Open to Trades, Barters and other Payment forms
please contact me directly about these options, limits apply