After some soul searching, I have decided to work towards the goal of both helping a larger audience, heal and learn about energy-based therapies and practices.

The idea came to me when we were debating whether my husband was going to take a job that required training out of state, as well as potential travel opportunities as he progressed in the company. Ultimately he felt that job wouldn’t allow him a good work-life balance or any real soul fulfillment, which I can respect, although disappointed. But I decided that that didn’t have to mean that this option wasn’t one for myself, my business, and soul work isn’t dependant upon his career.

So, I am working towards offering some Pop-up therapy clinics in the new year, I am hoping to do at least 5-6 cities, both in hopes to help a wider audience, and to allow myself to both travel and meet my many soul sisters both all over the county and the world.

I have had some people reach out to me already about wanting to travel to me, or I to them, for various reasons.  Here are some tentative locations, which are likely to change. If you would be interested in having me travel to a city near you, please reach out to me. If you would like to help me set up an event, I would love the help.

Pop Up Healing Clinic & Healing Circle + Training


Oceanside, CA

Mid- Late October 2019


Atlanta, GA



Nashville, TN



Austin/San Antonio, TX

Early – Mid October 2019


Seattle, WA








Date, time and location TBD
Morning 9AM -12pm & Afternoon 12:30-3

private sessions 25 or 45 minutes each but can run up to an hour or a little over.

Crystal healing
Empowerment coaching (45m+only)
Intuitive Tarot (25m only)

25 min $40
45 minutes+ $75
5-9 PM

Will be a group healing circle and training event for Reiki level 1
$200 and includes attunement and certificate

*deposits for this are non-refundable due to limited space

50% deposit must be made to confirm booking, invoices will be sent out a month before the date of the event. Invoices must be paid within 1 week of the event date.

Cancellations must be made no later than 5 days before the event date, failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.

Children are not allowed to be at sessions unless they are the one being worked on. Waivers must be signed before sessions.

Please see website for additional details or contact me directly.

Spots will be First Come First Serve, and deposit puts you to the top of the queue.

Event cancellation: you will be refunded or a new date will be set for the event.