Aura is actually very scientific despite its mystic sounding name. So whether you say you believe in it or not, it exists.

It’s literally your biological electromagnetic field and there are several layers to it, the farthest extending almost 6 feet. Every living organism has what are called photon and biophotons which literally just microscopic light molecules, these are produced by any biological system.


It’s extremely hard for our natural eyes to physically see the aura because energy has to reach a specific wavelength and density to be seen in form, light or color. To see aura is more of a clairvoyance than an actual physical seeing, and even then there seems to be a lot of contradictory ideas regarding both, which I touch on more below.


When people think aura they’re often thinking about it in positive terms of chakra that by seeing the color that chakra has a healthy energy. As a trained aura and crystal reader and reiki master etc, I can confidently tell you that is not correct and actually can be a very dangerous thing to tell people and Its important to know why, because I feel it’s very important that people know the difference.

So for example in an image shared with me, there was some white and it did create a kind of an arch halo effect and the person told them it was some kind of angelic figure or spirit. To tell a person this, Is probably THE most dangerous thing you can say. White is literally devoid of color, these denote acute or chronic sickness, disease, addiction, and a few other things depending on its location on both the body and out Into the aura. Anyone with white should immediately be taking steps to ascertain what is causing it, I can’t use the word diagnose but it’s that same idea of finding that root problem. This individual based on the location of the white does have some kind of dis-ease, disease, addiction or psyche warfare in her mental faculties, or brain.

Aura readings, Krillin photography and other various biofeedback devices made to captures the image of the bioelectromagnetic field are actually diagnostic tools. Similar to that of Infrared but infrared is actually its own wavelength of the energy-frequency scale. And is read similarly for the physical body but based on heat, not the electromagnetic field. When you’re seeing a color in a Krillin photograph or other device you’re actually seeing the energetic wavelength that is being given off.

The varying wavelength given off not only shows, energetic, abnormalities, but also psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical and this blanketed idea of chakra going into aura reading like I said can actually be potentially dangerous for an individual to have something serious overlooked either by willing ignorance or just lack of education in what aura really is. And many other hinges can influence the aura, people, electronics, natural electromagnetic fields, crystals being introduced or removed from the auric space, having an energy healing session, even just being beside an attuned healer who has activated the field will cause variation and shift within your own aura.  READ MORE HERE

Aura readings cannot be done with a regular camera your not seeing aura in that regard just a varied wavelength of an object’s physical make up not its energetic makeup. You can train yourself to in a way see aura but this can be strenuous on the eye muscles and your natural eye will only see white-grey which I have experienced, it takes a lot of focus not only of the eyes but of the mind or what is called vipassana, or meditative clairvoyance.

I think misconceptions arise because our personalities often tied to our emotions and energies, and are what people seem to mean when they say they can read a person’s vibe, which isn’t their actual aura. There are several layers to the aura which is why this can be confusing.


The saying showing your true colors has some weight here in helping to understand it as, if your showing the color, that’s your vibration, but it’s complicated in its own sense because the quality of the color or density has its own range of diagnostic type meaning, not the color alone; And even saying vibrate higher and thinking that having an indigo aura is positive is misleading as well, but there is a convergence with the heart and third eye which is what it truly means to be vibrating higher or to be in an enlightened stage. This is key and idea for energy workers to maintain, it is a balanced harmony of green/turquoise.


Here is the simple way to best understand Aura in relation to chakra energy, but there are also deeper meanings on all levels which I suggest you speak to a practitioner about, especially in regards to the physical body. There are other colors and meaning in regards to the quality of the colors and what they mean.

aura reading

Reading for the self is easy to do but not the way you’ve probably seen on google or YouTube. Reading for others may be attempted but I honestly don’t suggest it unless you have some kind of energetic training like reiki as you will be attuned to higher levels of the earth, and universes own electromagnetic fields.

***It can be extremely dangerous to open or work with your third .edu in this way if your overall aura is at a low vibration. Some base education on both physical anatomy and mental-emotional therapies is also highly suggested; any experienced teacher will tell you this, I was told this by every single one of my teachers in every course that has touched on energies including my courses on crystal healing. Like I said, it can be dangerous to open your third eye when you’re at a lower frequency, because you literally are using that third eye or pineal gland which like your physical eye is made up of rods and cones which is what allows us to see and our brain to interpret the visible color spectrum; this is actually why it is called the third eye. ***

READ HERE to learn why you should use a trained energy healer.

I’m not saying these to be bias, pious, or stroke my ego, I’m sayings this to help educate you, and give you the correct information because there is a level of risk with such practices especially when untrained. I personally am able to do distance aura readings by using a combination of my trained energy practices, one of which I personally developed.

I’ve spent a lot of time and money to learn and be trained in these things, and I do have some resources I can share but I think for me to be comfortable with giving that out I would set up a kind of crash course, so that you can go into it safe, and smart. If that interests you please contact me.

Additionally feel free to reach out to me to learn a safe and effective way to self-read or self-scan and help you understand what you’ll be looking for, what it means, and what you can do. One of these is SVAD-HY-YA-YA or the discipline of self-scan or study, is a very common meditative practice used in many oriental based philosophies, In essence, it means to study the soul self, and is in its own way a form of mindfulness training.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out on social media or email.

I am willing to re-interpret any previously photographed Aura, free of charge.