‘Immune Boost’ Tincture

| $25.00 | | 2 oz |

Contains no alcohol
Contains Honey – Vegan Option Available

3a7cc80e-0145-4ab9-bfd2-d62c6a3d9223A sublingual herbal tincture that has seven herbs to help support the immune system, and to help the body heal from common illnesses.

Herbs like Elderberry, Calendula, and Mullein hold many active properties that are great options for helping support the immune every day and during sickness. They even support the endocrine and nervous systems. The herbs in this tincture contain some of the most powerful antioxidants and the strongest of antivirals and antimicrobials, making them the perfect combination for helping heal from illness and other immune reactions like allergies.

To learn more about how you can naturally boost your immune and heal during sickness check out our blog post called Natural Immune Boosting.

Tincture blend is Proprietary – please contact me if you have allergies or sensitivity to certain herbs or herb families to discuss alternative options and a reblend to suit your needs.

Please contact me about other add on or switches that are available for this product.

If you are allergic sensitive or react to these herbs please let us know and discontinue use. Please consult with your preferred medical professional for additional guidance in your supplementation for your medical history.

**I am not a medical professional.**

Additional Add-ons

C.B.D Full Spectrum 125mg | $50.00 |

C.B.D Full Spectrum 250mg | $65.00 |

Reformulation/Vegan Option | $38.00 |

Burn Out Magnesium Butter |$52.00| |FS CBD 100mg $65.00|

Alcohol-based tincture |+8.00 | *CBD cannot be added to this

*Prices listed as totals*


125mg/60mL  Tincture = 2.08mg/mL or 0.10mg per drop
250mg/60mL  Tincture = 4.10mg/mL or 0.20mg per drop

Dosage with Herbal blended Tinctures is not directly comparable to pure CBD taken sublingually alone or that of a vape tinctureVaping is considered “micro-dosing” where you are intaking micro amounts which is a concentrated form and absorbs at a cellular level. We suggest that you also take CBD in other forms, whether that is a pure CBD oil, orally in an herbal mixed tincture, topically, or by vaping; we offer multiple selections.  


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