Sacred Fire Intimacy Oil

| $50.00 || 2fl.oz|| 150mg Full Spectrum CBD|


*available with and without CBD*

A blend of herbs and oils that help heal and heighten your pleasure during intimate moments.

Made with herbs known to help both male-female concerns for this area as well as the base chakras Root and sacral alike. Some of these herbs also help to increase the health of sperm and ova respectively.

Please use responsibly and discontinue use if irritation occurs. Test on skin of arm 24-48h prior to use.

**I do not claim responsibility for improper testing or usage of this product. **

If you have an herb or herb family sensitivity please contact me to see if this is a product that would cause concern or to reformulate to suit your specific needs.

Paired with Burn Out Tincture this is a great healing combo for the lower chakras both inside and out.

The blend is proprietary – please contact directly if you have herb sensitivities or questions.


|$50.00|150mg Full Spectrum CBD (0.2-0.5 THC)

|$50.00|150mg Full Spectrum NO THC

|$70.00| 250mg Full Spectrum C.B.D (0.2-0.5 mg T.H.C) 

|$70.00|250mg C.B.D with NO T.H.C  *Suggested for those who undergo regular drug testing*

|$26.50| No CBD – Herbal Oil only

*Please contact us about other dosage offerings*

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