I actually made this blend with a previously used shampoo in mind. It seemed like Rosemary & Mint kept coming up in discussion as well; about its benefit for helping with hair re-growth and strengthening, and although I don’t have plans to make a shampoo (I do know a great small business that does though)

I still loved the combination of herbs and I think they work so well together. This blend is reminiscent of Full Moon in Gemini, because of their shared Lemongrass and Rosemary, but the Mint and Thyme in this blend give it a special kind of earthy crisp aroma when mixing the dry herbs that I really love, and I hope you will too.

Antispasmodic, astringent, digestive, antiseptic, decongestant, circulatory, stimulant, relaxant, immune boosting, antioxidant, cuts/bites/wounds , muscle pain/tension, cooling/heating, liver, gall, kidney, concentration/memory, cold/flu, sleep issues. +more


Known for its cooling properties this refreshing herb has been used for thousands of years as an herbal medicine, as well as added to bath water, cosmetics and food. It is a versatile herb that is great for many things including digestive concerns/upset. Inflamed/strained muscles and much more.


I love lemongrass, and honestly I believe it is an undervalued, under used herb, which is why I like to use it whenever I can.

Lemongrass helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, strengthen immune, and is an effective antiseptic. Lemongrass can help naturally reduce fever, and helps treat stomach and digestive disorders. It is a great herb for the Solar Plexus Chakra, and related body systems.

Additionally Lemongrass has been used to maintain healthy skin. It has the ability to cleanse and detoxify and helps the body to heal from colds and flu.  Lemongrass has antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties which can kill or stifle growth of bacteria and fungi. It has antidepressant effects which make it a great, natural and safe option for those suffering from symptoms of depression; it is a great herb for new/postpartum mothers. Its calm and soothing effects make it a great option for treating headaches, and tense muscles by relieving pain, pressure, and tension.


The herb has been hailed since the ancient times for its medicinal properties. Rosemary was traditionally used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost immune and circulatory system, and promote hair growth. Rosemary has a range of health benefits, it has Antioxidant and anti inflammatory compounds. It can be used in improving digestion, enhancing memory and concentration, neurological protection, prevent brain aging, and protect against muscular degeneration.


Tiny leaves, that pack a powerhouse of healing. (insert the many time/thyme jokes here) This herb is often used in cooking, and its great for enhancing appetite, aiding digestion and stimulating the liver, as well as calming indigestion. It is effective in helping to relieve colic and trapped winds, as well as for helping treat IBS and related issues. It has a warming stimulating effect on the blood, helping to improve circulation. The volatile oils in this plant have powerful antibacterial, and anti fungal effects supporting the body to fight infections especially those in the respiratory, digestive and genitourinary systems. It is also effective for use for joints, muscle pains, cuts and wounds.

*avoid large amounts in pregnancy*