Winter Solstice

This simplistic blend was created with a traditional idea of winter, Christmas and Yule in mind. It has some hardy winter based herbs, that have numerous benefits. It has a Spicy earthy scent and flavor.

The blend was originally designed to add both scent and the medicinal herbal benefits to our magnesium butter in our Winter Solstice Bless and Release Kit

Blend Benefits/Uses:
General Wellbeing, Sore Throat, Digestive aid,  Nausea, Cold, Aches and Pain, Muscles and Joints, Headaches, Anti-inflammatory, Calming, Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Acne, Eczema, Rosacea,+more.

Below I have broken down each herb and some of its additional benefits:


Cedar is a sacred tree to many indigenous folk. The Ojibwe of North America drink Cedar tea to cleanse the body and spirit. They also burn it as incense and lay cedar branches on the hot stones in sweat lodges. The leaves are most aromatic in the autumn, however, when they have the highest oil content.

Cedar leaves are anthelmintic, diuretic, rubefacient and stimulant, and are used in the treatment of coughs and colds, general weakness and as a medicine for convalescents.

Cedar has a high amount of vitamin C, which is a valuable source in the dead of winter. Cedar is absolutely harmless for topical / external use, and cedar oil has proven effective as a natural bug repellant, internal use should be used sparingly.

* We use a relatively small amount of leaves in our tincture, but caution should always be taken, listen to your own body.


The herb has been hailed since ancient times for its medicinal properties. Rosemary was traditionally used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory system, and promote hair growth. Rosemary has a range of health benefits, it has Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds. It can be used in improving digestion, Enhancing memory and concentration, Neurological protection, Prevent brain aging, and Protection against macular degeneration.

Juniper Berry

These are highly aromatic fruit, more traditionally used in cooking. It has a warm spicy flavoring. The oils contained within this fruit helps to aid in digestion by its carminative and antiseptic. It helps to relieve trapped wind, colic, and mild food poisoning. It can also be useful for treating bacterial infections and urinary tract infections. The use of Juniper Berry in creams and salves is especially useful in easing sore muscles, joints, and related inflammation.

If pregnant use with caution.


Known to lower blood pressure, supporting healthy cholesterol, and triglycerides. Hibiscus is full of antioxidants that fight free radical damage caused by poor diet and constant exposure to dangerous chemicals and thus can help maintain a healthy gut microbiome.  It has also been used to naturally treat depression and related symptoms such as fatigue, feelings of hopelessness, loss of interest in hobbies and more.

Hibiscus although not a traditional winter herb, Is used in this blend to add a lighter floral flavor-scent, as well as the medicinal benefits and to deepen the color of the tincture.


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