At first glance this may seem like a very simple crystal lay; it is and it isn’t. This lay is called the Mind+Body balancer. It’s good for providing everyday balance and restores a natural flow of energy. The Smokey Quartz is first placed below the feet and acts as a grounding stone. The Clear Quartz point is placed above the crown and the Rose Quartz is placed at the heart (central) chakra [energy center]. Simple in its form but it works on a much deeper level.

img_2848✚SMOKEY QUARTZ – has a high vibrational frequency and is able to contain a high amount of light because of its black qualities, which is also associated with the first chakra (root-key of C) when this stone is filled with like it radiates and balances with the rest of the upper chakras and it channels light to the crown chakra. This stone is great for those with depression, fatigue, spaced out or who feel they aren’t living up to their ideals/purpose.


✚CLEAR QUARTZ – is known as the master healer it’s vibrational frequency is higher/faster than that of the earth. It activates and energies all the energy centers [chakras] amplifying the energy of any other crystal, gem or mineral that interacts with its field. It promotes clarity of the mind and aids in creativity. It’s also used to help stimulate the immune system and released blocked emotions which are stored in the body as stress. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energies and is a great multi-purpose crystal to have on hand. (Key of A)


✚Rose Quartz vibrates at the same frequency as the central heart chakra (key of F) which is associated with emotion, love compassion, relationships. It is located in the thymus and is associated with the immune system. Rose Quartz is great for raising self esteem, restoring confidence, balancing the emotions. It is also useful for healing from anger, pain, fears, resentment, stress and anger bringing about peace and calmness.


On the surface many things look basic but past and even within their physical state they have much deeper attributes. Even if you don’t have crystals at your disposal wearing the colors of the light spectrum associated with the energy centers and listening to music in the same vibrational frequency will aid in the same healing; crystals simply help amplify, hold and direct energies in a more precise and direct manner.

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