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Holistic health is a topic close to my heart and soul, not only from being raised in a holistic home/practice but also along my own soul path. I embarked upon this path in hopes to help improve not only my own life, and those close to me but also others.

Here you will find lots of great info about herbs, energy based therapies, mindfulness, and general positive vibes. I am hoping to offer more directly from my site but you will still be able to find me on social media, with my Wednesday Evening LIVEs and daily/weekly inspirational posts to our Facebook page.

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I was really skeptical about how reiki works since I am a firm believer in traditional medicine. I always thought that the quick fix to all symptoms was a good visit to the doctor for comfort along with prescription. Once I was convinced to trying reiki my mindset changed. I could feel a strong warmth feeling and vibrations on the inside when I was being worked. It is something interesting and fascinating to experience. It has helped with digestion issues I have been having. I encourage everyone to give it a try and see what a life-changing experience it truly is.

Julian C

Kat was wonderful to work with! I felt calm and relaxed during and after our session. The feedback was spot on with what I had instinctively known. The report after was a great plus. I love that I will have it to refer to at my convenience. Her report was precise, to the point, and easy to understand. I would 100% recommend her.

Ashely G

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